Sunday, 27 February 2011

Club Balai Isabel - Talisay Batangas

From North last week, now i headed South!

My Daddy's cousin decided to celebrate his birthday in this wonderful place called Balai Isabel. His wife bought a membership in this resort that's why they got discount.

And since me and Noel already in a Vacation Leave, we don't want to put it on waste, so we decided to get a room for us. We also got discount since Ate Cha was the one who made our reservations.

The place is sooooo beautiful!!!
bed room in Orchard lane
We rented the room Orchard Lane that can accommodate a maximum of 8. The room has 2 double beds that can fit 2 person in each bed. 2 day beds with pull-up that can accommodate 2 person each day beds. With bathroom...ofcourse. The room is also equiped with Gas Stove/Oven, electric thermos and a ref, you just need to rent for the gas tank in order for you to cook food. It also has LCD tv with Cable. There's just one thing I don't like with the bathroom, it doesn't have a bidet! As a Filipino, we are not used of using tissue paper to wipe off our butt after depositing to the bank, even a "tabo". That's why we bought a "tabo" at the nearby market.

The Infinity pool

The terrazza pool
Now let's go to the pool. When we first got into the place, I was looking for their Infinity pool. Coz I only saw there Terraza Pool. And I though that was it. But when we checked-in, I saw their infinity pool and wow! its so big! I was not able to swim from end-to-end because the distance is just so far, well unless you're a great swimmer. I alsmost drowned because I felt tired at the middle, and Noel was just infront of me watching and laughing. He thought I was joking! Well, he too almost drowned because he felt a cramp on his legs...tsk...

Floating pool

The resort also has this Floating pool in Taal Lake, its made up of the materials used in billboards (I forgot its name! crap!) We were not able to try dipping into this pool, since they require an additional 200pesos/head. It looks like no one ever tried to pay 200 bucks just to swim in this pool because it full of dirt, and I think the price is too expensive. And besides, people can swim in their infinity pool anytime they want.

The church

They also have church inside the resort. Its a great place for a wedding! I think this is where Regine and Ogie had their wedding venue.

The resort also has teambuilding facility, like army-type obstacles.

We were not able to taste their food because when I asked the price of their Halo-halo (185php?), it's so expensive...what more of their entree???

But all-in-all we had great time in his resort. The price we paid is worth of the experience and the beauty of the place!

If you're interested, you can visit their website:

Sharing some of the photos taken in the resort:
my Mommy and I
The Deck
The Infinity pool
The Pool at Night
The infinity pool in different angle
My mommy and daddy @ the Terrazza pool

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