Monday, 23 May 2011

Banapple a day keeps stress away...

For the past 4 weeks Ed, Kat and I are always chillin' somewhere in the metro every friday...well eventhough I'm on tight budget I'm still on the go... but we missed our weekly chillin last friday.

So today, before going in the office we spent a few hours chillin at Makati and invaded the Ayala Triangle and ate at Banapple.

I ordered pork Tocino with rice and creamy egg.
While Ed, ordered Chicken breast parmigiana.
And Kat swerve into a bowl full of Cheesy Creamy Penne...

I love their Tocino because its all meat, unlike other restaurants you can count the meat parts and the rest are fats. I also love the egg, its so creamy.

I helped out Kat on her Cheesy Creamy Penne, their serving is good for 2 person already. I didn't ate too much of it because I was already full because of the rice meal I just ate.

After taking a break...eating. Ed ordered Banofee Pie and Starwberry crunch cheesecake and 2 cups of coffee. I love their cake!...and their price tooo!

If you're going to take a walk in this place called Ayala Triangle try to visit Banapple, and have a taste of their cakes...its worth the price... ;)

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