Thursday, 9 June 2011

Club Morocco Beach Resort - Subic, Zambales

I'm really having a hard time to think right now because of too much house choirs that I did today.
But I just want to give my review on the recent summer outing that our project had last May 28, 2011.

Resort: Club Morocco Beach Resort, Subic Zambales

Though its name may seem to be like a Moroccan style architecture, but when you get inside their reception area its more of a Spanish style architecture. I love the stairs and the ceilings design.

I don't like the food since we came to the resort and ate our lunch. We can't explain why their food doesn't have taste. It looks like their cook is afraid to put some salt or anything that can put a taste on the food.
So if you're planning to visit this place, don't try their buffet! Though we was not able to try ordering ala carte that they offer.

The only thing I liked in this resort! They have a big pool that can accommodate large number of people and still you can swim around without bumping to each other.

The beach in this resort is not swimmable, well that time it was raining so hard so don't expect to have a nice beach during those kinds of weather. But even if the its sunny, I don't think you can still swim around their beach because a few meters from the resort you'll see a lot of ship...

I just had one maldita moments again during our stay. My friend was not able to open the door of our room's comfort room from inside. The door knob is already broken and so I tried to help her and no chance to open it. So I tried kicking on the door, then a room service came to give us the bathroom amenities. She then opens the door using her keys, then I asked her can we have a copy of the key for our comfort room. And she said that the key to our comfort room is the same as the key on our room. Then I just said... OK. Then she continued... "Ma'am 10,000 pesos po ang charge kapag may nasira kayo sa kwarto." My blood suddenly rushed into my head and I said..."Eh kita nyo ngang sira na yung door knob nyo bago pa kame dumating dito eh.", then I thought the lady already left, and i boasted out "Hello...10,000??? para sa door knob??? anu ba yang door knob nila....ginto??" Then she suddenly got out of our comfort room. Then I just looked at her. For me, if you'll remind me that we will pay the things that we broke in the room that's fine with me. But they should be sure that all the things in the room are working fine.

So there you go, i hope it would help you decide on which resort you are going to on the next summer vacation.

Here are some pics taken during our stay in the resort.

the entrance

the inside

the outside

pool's top view

pool's side view

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