Saturday, 11 June 2011

Nuat Thai - D. Tuazon, Quezon City

I used to have my body massage at Indulgence located at  the back of the Heart Center in Quezon City. Their price is 350pesos which includes shower, sauna steam, a glass of juice, and  60 minute body massage. What I liked in this massage parlor is that, on my first visit the masseuse was able to get rid of my back aches and my "pilay" on my hips. Their bed has a hole so that you can still breathe even if you're lying upside-down. And what I don't like in this place is that, they play love songs, which is not relaxing because you tend to sing-along with their song. Another one is that their massage parlor doesn't have a relaxing scent. And i don't like too much oil after my massage.
And so after my 3rd visit in this massage parlor, I tried to look for a much better massage parlor here in the metro. until I found a blog about Nuat Thai Body and Foot Massage. Based on their blog, the price for a whole body massage is only 250 pesos. Until the day I read about this massage parlor, I've been trying to find time to visit one of their branches.

And my long wait is over, while going to my underarm whitening treatment in D.tuazon the spa where I had my treatment is just beside the Nuat Thai branch. After my treatment, I tried to check the store for the price pnd I was shocked that their Whole Body Massage-Dry price is only 200 pesos. I immediately tried their dry whole body massage. Upon entering their room, I already smell its relaxing scent, their room is really quiet and they're playing jazz music that really puts me to sleep. I love their massage pattern, a combination of thai massage and stretching. After my first visit, I came back again after the next day!

Too bad, they're the only branch that has low price. Well 50 pesos difference is not that big enough!

Now this will be my new hang-out every week!

If you'll find one of their branches, try to visit them...and have a relaxing massage.

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